Start Selling on Amazon Japan Today [2 Easy Steps]


Selling on Amazon is pretty simple. Amazon makes it as easy as possible for you and me to sell on their platform because the more sellers they have the more value they add to their customers. Oh, and of course the more sellers they have the money they make.

However, when I suggest that you should sell on Amazon Japan you may have some reservations. I guess the language is a major stumbling block, and then there is the shipping, customs, storage etc.

It’s not as tough as you think!

The easiest way to sell on Amazon Japan

Yes there is a slightly higher barrier to entry compared to your native country (that you are familiar with), but it is definitely doable.

The easiest way to start is to fulfill your products yourself if possible. It means you have to package up the product and post it off to Japan, but this is fine at the start when you are testing the market.

Ideally you want to sell small and light products if you are posting them yourself. You should see if this is viable by popping to your local Post Office and asking them for the cheapest way to post your product. We have an article about Merchant Fulfilled Amazon products here (where we post from a UK Post Office). It only costs us £4.45 to post from the UK to Japan.

2 Easy Steps to Sell on Amazon Japan

Selling on Amazon Japan is the same as on any other Amazon platform. Here is the process:

1: Set up and Amazon Japan account. You can either go through your regular Amazon Seller dashboard to do this and choose to expand sales globally, or you can simply visit: and sign up as a Professional Seller or as an Individual Seller. You can link your Japan account to your regular account later if you wish.Professional sellers get charged 5880 Japanese Yen per month (about £40) and can store products in Japanese warehouses and offer Prime to customers. Individual sellers have no monthly fees but get charge extra per sale and need to post themselves and thus cannot offer Prime next day delivery.We recommend setting up an Individual account first. It’s really easy to upgrade to a professional account later if needed.

2: Set up a product listing. This is exactly the same as in other Amazon Seller Central dashboards. As a quick fix you can use Google Translate and convert your current listing into Japanese. However, we highly recommend getting a professional translation service to do this for you because the structure of sentences and phrase variations can get pretty complex.

That’s it. The truth is that the process is exactly the same as in other Amazon marketplaces. To repeat myself, Amazon makes it as easy as possible for sellers because more sellers mean more money for them. So to help with this Amazon has standardized their Seller Central dashboards so they are familiar to sellers in other countries.

Of course if you want to create custom packaging for Japan, if you want to ship your products to Amazon Japan warehouses, and if you really want to optimize your product listing then things get a little more involved, but you can worry about this later. The important thing is to start, and as you have just read you can get started today.

What’s stopping you?

Any questions drop us an email or join our dedicated e-Commerce Japan Facebook group and post a question.

Neil Curtis

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Complete Guide and Seller Analysis Report for Amazon Japan

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