Set-up & Launch your products on Amazon Japan

New Listings are for sellers who want to create a brand new Amazon Japan listing.

We recommend you set-up your listing as an advanced listing and make it the best possible listing it can be.

Our system uses a hybrid of translation and copywriting. Your English listing is used as a base for our Japanese version but we don’t necessarily translate it word for word.

Whilst the core message of your product is unlikely to change, some aspects of your product are likely to appeal to a Japanese audience in a different way and we make sure that this is part of the copy, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Keyword research is the key to showing up in search results and our set-up system incorporates this fully.

The price you pay depends on what the status of your English listing is.

Amazon Japan PPC Advertising Management Prices

Our PPC advertising services are for sellers who want to maximise sales on Amazon Japan and use the data gathered to further optimize their listings.

The process for optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns can be split into 3 parts:

  1. Adjust the cost of bidding on keywords based on their performance.
  2. Discover and add new effective keywords to campaigns. Discover and remove irrelevant keywords from campaigns.
  3. Adjust the copy of the product listing to include your most effective keywords as discovered in the analysis of your PPC campaigns.
Complete Guide and Seller Analysis Report for Amazon Japan

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