How to Launch a Product on Amazon Japan


We launched a brand new product for UK company Kid Transit into Amazon Japan in October 2016. Within 8 months it was a best seller on Amazon Japan and within 10 months it had sold over 1000 units.

Here’s what we did:

Launch Process for Kid Transit on Amazon Japan

  1. Amazon Seller Account Type: Professional
  2. Listing Type: Initially standard, then upgraded to Advanced Content
  3. Fulfillment: FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)
  4. Units: 1008 (sent in to Amazon all at once)
  5. Sale Price: Initially high before lowering to 30% below the current best seller. Finally raised to preferred sale price
  6. Sponsored Listing (AKA PPC) Budget: £2000 (started slowly then ramped up)
  7. Customer Service: Customer replies within 24hrs
  8. Product Reviews & Feedback: Follow up with all customers using a 2-step process
  9. Goals: Sell all units, break even, achieved 25 Positive Product Reviews & 10 Positive Seller Feedback
  10. Outcomes: Sold all units, £500 profit, 30 Positive Product Reviews, 15 Positive Seller Feedback

The above launch was very successful. Best Seller status was reached within 8 months with a relatively conservative advertising budget. A record sales day of 22 units (44,000 Yen in sales – approx. £300) was achieved and all 1008 launch units were sold at a £500 profit. 3% of customers left a [positive] product review and 1.5% left [positive] seller feedback. More products have been ordered and Kid Transit (with the support of Rising Sun Commerce) will continue to grow sales of this product and introduce new products over the coming months.

Lessons Learnt & What We’d Do Differently

It was not a faultless launch process and we definitely had room to improve. However, a lot of what we did worked very well, and if we were to repeat this launch process for Kid Transit we’d only tweak a few things.

Here’s what we’d do differently with our Amazon Japan launch

1. We’d create an Advanced and 100% optimized listing from the beginning. This would include thorough keyword research to help optimize the listing copy as well as the back end keywords.

2. We’d only send in 100 units at a time (instead of the 1008 we sent in). Storage costs are very high in Japan, and we spend £100’s on unnecessary storage costs.

3. We’d lower our sale price initially to encourage more sales.

4. We’d commit a larger budget for Sponsored Listings and be more aggressive initially to boost early sales for our main keywords.

However, as mentioned we would not change to much else. Our original launch for Kid Transit was very successful. Profits were made and product reviews were gained. This has formed a solid foundation for future sales on Amazon Japan and Kid Transit will go from strength to strength and Rising Sun Commerce are excited to be there with them.

Recommended Launch For Amazon Japan [Revised]

Taking what we learned and what worked well, here is our recommended launch strategy for Amazon Japan:

  1. Amazon Japan Account Type: Professional
  2. Listing Type: Advanced and fully optimized listing
  3. Fulfillment: FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)
  4. Units: Minimum of 500 units (batches of 100 units sent in to FBA)
  5. Sponsored Listing (AKA PPC) Budget: £2000 (across these 500 units). Start aggressively
  6. Product Sale Price: Start at 30% below best seller
  7. Customer Service: Customer replies within 24hrs
  8. Product Reviews & Feedback: Follow up with all customers using a 2-step process
  9. Goals: Sell all units, Break even, 3% Positive Product Review rate & 2% Positive Seller Feedback rate

If this [revised] launch process was carried out with the Kid Transit product the unit sales would have ramped up quicker, the PPC data and subsequent optimization would have happened quicker, and ultimately the Best Seller status would have been achieved quicker. Storage fees would have been lower and overall profits greater.


We recommend the [revised] launch process for new products for all Amazon Japan sellers. Using Amazon’s Sponsored Listings (AKA PPC advertising) is an essential step in the launch process because it gets buyers on to your product listings. Also, it reveals the keywords your customers are searching for so that your Amazon listings can be updated and optimized to attract these customers via the normal organic Amazon search.

We always recommend using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), but you could be a little more conservative and use Merchant fulfillment to begin with. Your sales will be lower because Amazon customers love Prime next day delivery (something FBA allows you to offer), but you would of course save on storage fees when you fulfill orders yourself.

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