Keywords and Searches in Japanese on Amazon Japan


Keywords and searching on Amazon in Japanese

Japanese has 3 alphabets which raises makes searching on Google and Amazon “interesting”.

The first alphabet is called Hirgana and looks like this: いぬ はこ くるま くつ

The second is called Katakana and looks like this: イヌ ハコ クルマ クツ

The third is called kanji and looks like this 犬 箱 車 靴

What does that mean for searches and keywords in Japanese?

To a computer each word is different. The text is just a series of code to a computer and it has no idea that each word basically means the same thing. Which means if you have to treat each alphabet as a separate keyword.

Let’s look at the results on google and amazon for these keywords:



So, you need to treat each word in each alphabet as a separate entity.

Think of it like using a thesaurus. If the keyword you want to show for is “Big” and a customer searches for “large”, you won’t show up unless your item contains the keyword “large” Even though they mean the same thing, a computer (and search results) can’t distinguish between the two.


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