Look after your customers properly on Amazon Japan

We offer everything you need to keep your customers happy when selling on Amazon Japan. We help you with:


1. Customer Service & Support
2. Automated Customer Reviews
3. Seller Central Support
4. Problem Solving

Customer Service & Support

Amazon offer awesome service to their customer and as a seller on their market-place they expect you to put the customer first too. Japan is also one of the best regarded countries in the world for customer service.

So when you sell on Amazon Japan it’s vital that you provide this experience. We help make sure that customer questions are answered promptly and correctly to maintain your status as a high quality seller.


Automated Customer Reviews

We will set-up automated emails to go out to customers to increase review rates.

  • More Reviews – The automated emails we send out vastly increase product review rates.
  • Higher Sales Conversion – More positive reviews lead to higher sales conversions, lower ad spend and more profit.
  • Proactively Manage – We check that the customer is happy soon after their product is delivered to ensure any potential problems are fixed before they escalate into negative reviews.
  • Proven System – We use tried and tested email sequences to ensure review rates perform well.

Seller Central Support

We can help you deal with problems that occur occasionally. Our service includes:

  • Managing negative seller feedback – We monitor for negative feedback comments and work to get them removed if the feedback is not within Amazon’s guidelines.
  • Managing negative product reviews – We monitor for negative product reviews and work to get them removed if the  review is not within Amazon’s guidelines.
  • Get hackers removed – We work with you and Amazon to remove sellers who attempt to sell your product when they shouldn’t be. This is much easier to achieve when you are Brand registered.
  • Updating Product Titles – Amazon often doesn’t allow changes to be made to product titles without their consent. We work with Amazon to allow us to update a product title.

Problem Solving

Sometimes other things happen that you may need help resolving. We offer support and advice to help to get any problems resolved fast.

Past problems we’ve helped businesses (none managed clients) resolve include:

  • Investigating why a Brand registration application kept failing and help to resolve it.
  • Locating products to which wrong labels had been applied and which required re-labelling.
  • A batch of products stuck at customs – we helped the client find out what had happened and why the problem occurred. They were not a client when they sent their products – had they been a managed client account, we could have offered advice and made sure the problem didn’t happen in the first place.
  • Investigating why a brand’s listing was being suppressed and what was required to get it back on-line .


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Complete Guide and Seller Analysis Report for Amazon Japan
Complete Guide and Seller Analysis Report for Amazon Japan

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