Amazon Japan Made Easy

Find out how we can help you profit in Japan

As an Amazon Seller, you’ve already put a lot of time & effort into creating your product & brand.

To grow your sales further, it make sense to sell in more places, right?


Did you know Japan has a population of 127 million people and has the 3rd largest economy in the world?

It’s an awesome place to sell. And we can make it easy for you.


Much easier than you think . . .

We Take Care of Everything…

Optimized Listing Set-up

We take care of it

PPC Advertising Campaigns

We take care of it.

Shipping to Japan FBA Warehouse

We take care of it

Customer Service

We take care of it.

It works like this…
We send a small batch of your products over to an Amazon Japan warehouse and then we sell them.

It is as simple as that. It is a totally hands off process for you as we take care of everything.

The Details…

What WE do:

  1. Set-up a fully optimized Amazon Japan Product Listing for your product
  2. Send your products to an Amazon Japan warehouse ready for FBA
  3. Set-up, monitor, and optimize Amazon Sponsored Products advertising (PPC advertising) for your product
  4. Follow up with customers for feedback and reviews
  5. Sell all of your products

What YOU do:

  1. Send us a small batch of your products to our UK office or directly to Japan (approximately 50 units)
  2. Pay a one-time listing setup fee


  • £500 set-up fee
  • Shipping your product to Japan (approx. £100)
  • Import Tax (approx. £50)
  • PPC Advertising (approx £100)

Note: We do not make money from shipping costs, import taxes, and PPC budgets. 100% of these costs are spent on the respective services and taxes.


  • If you are not happy with our service we’ll refund your £500 set-up fee
  • If we don’t sell all your products within 4 months we will buy your remaining inventory.

Start Selling in Japan

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Amazon Japan Account?

No. We’ll sell on our account. This is better for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s simple – good for getting started.
  2. You don’t have to pay Amazon’s monthly professional seller account subscription fees.
What type of listing do I get?

The Best

We will set-up your listing using Enhanced Content and make it the best listing that we think it can be:

  1. Enhanced Listing means extra pictures with text annotations.
  2. A landing style page means we can explain your product fully in lots of detail.

We want your product to sell-out and be successful so will work hard to make sure this happens.

  • Translated Title
  • Translated Bullet Points
  • Translated Description
  • Keywords in back-end ⓘ
    We create a list of keywords based off your primary keyword(s) and place them in the back-end of your listing.
  • Advanced Keyword Research ⓘ
    including competitor analysis & reverse ASIN keyword research on your competitors.
  • Advanced or Launchpad Listing ⓘ
    Advanced or Launchpad Listing set-up including the landing page style listing with extra images, Japanese text on images and text.
  • Unlimited
  • Maximum

See an actual listing here

Can I start with a smaller / cheaper listing?

You could do, but we don’t think this a good idea. Whilst starting with a smaller listing is cheaper in the short term, it doesn’t answer the question “Is Amazon Japan a good place to sell my product?”

The point here is to test the market and use evidence to see if your product can be successful on Amazon Japan.

Let’s look at what happens if you start with a low quality listing:

Case 1 – Your Product doesn’t sell well

You won’t have a conclusive answer. It may be because your listing isn’t effective, or it may be because Amazon Japan isn’t a good fit for your product. In either case, you should re-test with an improved listing.

Case 2 – Your Product does sell well

Great. You know that your product is a good fit for Japan. So now you have to improve your listing to maximise sales.

Let’s look at what happens if you start with a high quality listing:

Case 1 – Your Product doesn’t sell well

You have evidence that Amazon Japan may not be a good fit for this product and you should not risk sending lots of products to the Japan FBA warehouse.

Case 2 – Your Product does sell well

Great. You know that your product is a good fit for Japan and your product is close to being optimized for maximum sales.

What happens if my product sells well?
If your product sells well then you will probably want to send more inventory to Amazon’s FBA warehouse in Japan. We will continue to manage your listing for you and charge 8% of revenue for this service. There are no further set-up fees to pay us and we can help with arranging shipping, importer of record, customs & taxes.
What happens if my product doesn't sell very well?

If your product doesn’t sell well then we will buy your products from you (at your wholesale price agreed before we ship the batch).

If you are unhappy with our service and advice then we are happy to offer a refund if you want one.

Start Selling in Japan

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