4 Reasons Profits are Higher on Amazon Japan

If you haven’t sold on Amazon Japan before, you may be thinking that you have a task of mammoth proportions lying ahead of you. However, this really isn’t the case. We’re going to give you some insider knowledge to demonstrate why selling on Japan is both [relatively]...

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The Biggest Misconceptions About Selling On Amazon Japan

Selling on Amazon Japan is great, but people are put off because of numerous reasons: They may believe that the language is too difficult, they don't think their product will sell, or they think that postage is tough. However, we’ve put our myth-busting gloves...

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How To Avoid Translation Errors When Selling Overseas

You've decided to sell on Amazon Japan. Great. But now comes the obvious headache. YOU CAN'T SPEAK (or write) JAPANESE. It can be stressful when you’re trying to sell products in a country where English isn’t the native language. You may find yourself wanting to go...

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Amazon Japan: An Undiscovered Goldmine

Japan has a population of 126 million people, making it the 3rd largest economy in the world. This alone makes it an exciting marketplace for online sellers. Add to this that over 91% of its residents have access to high-speed internet and a magnificent delivery...

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How to be Best Seller on Amazon Japan

Rising Sun Commerce worked with the British brand Kid Transit* to launch their 1st product into Amazon Japan. Within a few months they were in the Best Seller position and selling 10 to 20 units per day (at a price higher than their competitors). You can read the full...

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How to get ahead of your competitors selling on Amazon

Amazon can be very competitive. Trust me I know this from experience. When I launched my 1st product on Amazon.co.uk there was only 1 other real competitor, and this competitors’ product was a slightly different design to mine. However, by the time my products were...

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Start Selling on Amazon Japan Today [2 Easy Steps]

Selling on Amazon is pretty simple. Amazon makes it as easy as possible for you and me to sell on their platform because the more sellers they have the more value they add to their customers. Oh, and of course the more sellers they have the money they make. However,...

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British Brands in Japan

I visited Tokyo in April 2017 and noticed quite a lot of British Brands in Tokyo. I only had a couple of days in the city, but I loved wandering around the area between Shibuya and Harjuku. There are some amazing shops around there and a great vibe. I took a few snaps...

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