PPC Advertising  – Set-Up and Optimize PPC Campaigns on Amazon Japan

We help you to get started and continually improve your PPC advertising campaigns. We help:


1. Set-up PPC Keyword Campaigns
2. Perform Detailed PPC Analysis
3. Save Money on Clicks

Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising Set-up

Advertising your product on Amazon’s network allows you to to boost sales and gather keyword data quickly. This means you can improve your product listing and improve your sales rate fast.

Our service includes:

  • Analysing English Data to select the right keywords to bid on in Japan.
  • Brainstorming other keywords with Japanese native speakers for your product.
  • Competitor analysis to decide which keywords to advertise for.
  • Setting up campaigns and budgets for your different products and skus.
  • Consulting what budget is appropriate for your products.

Detailed PPC Analysis

We look at the keyword data from PPC advertising campaigns to see which are the most important keywords for your product.

We use data from sales and advertising to:

    • Move the most important keywords to the title and bullet points.
    • Make sure the product is ranking organically for relevant keywords.
    • Discover new phrases and keywords and add them to the listing.

Save money on clicks

We use our own software to analyse PPC advertising campaigns to constantly iterate and improve them.

  • Are auto campaigns effective? – We analyse the data from automatic PPC campaigns to see if they’re effective.
  • Broad⮕Phrase⮕Exact – We look at the data and iterate the top performing keywords for lower cost and imporved performance.
  • Add Negatives – We make sure keywords that are not working well are added as negative keywords so that you don’t waste money on them.
  • Detail Driven – Japanese has 3 alphabets so it’s harder than in English to do this analysis. A word written in one way might be bringing in lots of sales, yet the same word in a different alphabet might be totally ineffective. We take pride in  this level of detail.
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