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We know that Japanese people love great products and we want to help them have access to fantastic products from around the world.

You put so much work into creating amazing products and we believe your reach shouldn’t be limited to local markets.

We believe it should be easy for brands like you to sell your products in Japan without it being complicated, intimidating or time consuming.

That’s why we exist!

To help your brand grow and to make it easy for 127 million extra people to discover your products.

Why Sell on Amazon Japan?

Japan is home to 120 million people and is the 3rd biggest economy in the world. It has amazing broadband connectivity and fantastic delivery network yet e-commerce has been surprisingly slow to catch on.

But it’s changing very quickly and Amazon is on the rise.

Which is a perfect opportunity for sellers to get in early and get to the top of the rankings while competition is low.

As Amazon Japan increases it’s market share, you too can enjoy the growth of your brand.

Sell on Amazon Japan - Amazon Deliveries are rising

What Makes Us Special?

  1. Our bilingual & bi-cultural team are fantastic at communicating with both English speaking brand owners and Japanese customers.
  2. A brilliant and dedicated technical manager for Amazon listings. He really is an Amazon geek.
  3. Tried and tested processes mixed with in-house developed software enables us to make sure your products get seen and sell.

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